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I remember meeting him somewhere. He is as good as any player on our team. I like to learn ancient languages. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the still waters. He acted the part of King Lear. Ramon is doing his best. She is cautious of giving offense to others. Lately I don't get along with my parents. Vishal told me that he won't come to school tomorrow. The device is attached fast to the ceiling.

Why should I care about her? She put the dirty dishes in the sink. Would you care to join us for lunch? Sheila hiked her skirt up to mid-thigh and dipped her toes in the water. We don't want the bus leaving without us. I know what I did wasn't right. How did they die? The number of Japanese going overseas has been increasing year by year. The war kept us apart for so long, but not anymore. The accompaniments of the war are misery and sorrow.

This is just a ten minute walk. Mwa opened the refrigerator. Won't you eat lunch with me? It still amazes me what she could coax out of table scraps. In 2009, Selena Gomez became the youngest person to be named a United Nations Children's Fund Ambassador in the United States. Mah asked Tai if she loved him. I wasn't even here. I accepted the offer after due consideration.

You have been beaten. Give in! How are things at the office? Just take my hand. You must not despise a man because he is poorly dressed. And he worked very hard for Mr Wood. Sedovic offered no explanation. Jurevis wanted to be a farmer. His behavior aroused my suspicions. I'm going to kill her.

Maybe we're not supposed to do this. Pravin loves coffee. I bought it last night.

Music is a language understood by all humans. I couldn't go there today. One day, when the girl was at the spring, a poor lady approached her and asked her for a drink. Take time to eat your meals. Is Tigger really doing OK? I am transitioning well from a man to a woman. I can make your problems go away. Do you wash your hands before eating?

June and John moved in together. I'm only the messenger.

I do not remember seeing the letter, but perhaps I read it. He is determined to succeed at any price. You should stretch properly before exercising. I buy a lot of stuff at that store. Patricio can't turn his back on Lynnette now. This problem is difficult to solve. Allah rocks!

"Double Indemnity" is the title of a classic 1944 film noir, in which a philandering insurance salesman (Fred MacMurray) and a housewife (Barbara Stanwyck) plot to murder her husband, but to make it look like an accident, in order to collect on an insurance policy that will pay double the value in case of accidental death. She picked up a fork. Seeing me, the dog rushed up to me. They said such a policy would lead to smuggling. In such cases, adults should not scold them instantly, but be patient with them, considering their mental growth. How late is the bank open? I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I can only think of my wife as an half-paralysed animal. Judging by the way the sky looks, we're sure to have good weather. It has a refreshing taste.

How much was the additional charge? This is a nice place, but i don't want to live here. I've never minded her behaving badly. Stay as long as you'd like. I'm not sure I want Shaw working for us. I know that he knows. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

We need to cut spending. We can't ignore Narendra's past. Would you like me to take care of it? I can't bear the sight of him. There were two glasses under the mirror. What were the symptoms? That man is in love with my sister. He left his umbrella in the bus.

She was hit by a car. Hector isn't doing it the right way. Is this some kind of trick? Dad, what is the difference between the mafia and the government? Bud said that he was very busy. The train is arriving! Every now and then she called home during the party last night.

He's my only real friend. I can't wait another week. I have something to do first. Shall I go on? I suppose that's impossible.

They can't hurt me.

The number of students is dropping. She can sew very well. I'm Sofia's nephew. She has a degree in biology. I have been associated with him for ten years. Edward complained that a light-fingered pilferer who'd briefly brushed against him at the crowded train station had carried off his wallet. Bruno will tell Elijah everything.

I must've been drugged. Sanity offered me a cup of coffee. Can you play the guitar? A fire broke out in this neighborhood last night. Kit is impressed as well.

I don't like to fail.

Damn, where did I put my glasses? It's not at all impossible. Manavendra said that he thought Claude knew how to weld. Have you gotten paid yet? Last week a very powerful earthquake occurred in South America. I can't do as much as I used to. She likes to have a good time. Jane jumped over the shallow ditch. Who wrote to Ti? Obviously he speaks English, but he can even speak Spanish.

I know I'm not dreaming. You need a haircut. Timo tried to make Chip smile. Tony asked me to buy him something to drink. You should buy Scott something for his birthday. Frederic took a closer look at the picture. I awoke to find a burglar in my room. We've got a situation. The storm brought about much damage. I'll be here in the morning if anyone needs me.